Day 8


Keep in mind that things change with the boys on a daily, if not hourly basis.  But here is where we are at this moment!  It seems since day 3 the boys have switched roles.  Where as before Griffin was the one dealing with problems and Carter was just hanging out – now Carter is the one requiring more monitoring while Griffin is holding his own.  I have a feeling this is a glimpse into how things will go for a while!  Our biggest success thus far is that both boys have passed two head ultrasounds with no signs of brain bleeds. This is the biggest risk at this stage in their lives so we were happy to hear that so far it is looking good.  They will repeat the ultrasounds later this week, each day their chances of bleeds decreases so the next ultrasound will be a big deal.


He has been on and off the bilirubin lights this past week.  Yesterday he started feeds (1 cc every 3 hours) and his stomach seems to be handling them.  A few days ago he was moved off the oscillator and onto a nasal cannula until they felt it was too much stress for him and put him back onto a regular ventilator.  He is on very low levels of oxygen and his tests show this is the perfect recipe at this time for Griffin. The word most used to describe Griffin’s status is “stable” which is music to our ears!


He also started feed this week but this was stopped when he has some issues with his belly.  This is pretty normal for a baby of his size.  Eating is not something they should be doing at this stage of life but they need to get them nutrition and to get all the body systems up and working.  After a few days rest they started feeds again today and they seem to be working.  Carter is also having some lung issues and was put on a jet machine when they found some issues with the levels of CO2 expelled and slightly expanded lungs.  This machine gives Carter’s lungs a gentle shake.  And other than pulling out his tube this morning (he is a very active little guys) and needing that replaced, the jet machine seems to fixing his issues.   Again, for the most part, Carter’s days and nights can be described as “uneventful” and “stable” great words when dealing with micropreemies in the NICU.

The rest of the family

We are also “stable” and have organized a pretty “uneventful” life!  We are settling into a routine and the girls are showing their resiliency and flexibility everyday.  Tim amazes me with his selflessness, as he picks up the slack and fills the gaps wherever needed.  I am feeling better everyday, and hope to be pain med free in the very near future.  I’m tired – one of the things nobody talks about is what it is like to have newborns in the hospital when you are breastfeeding.  It is known that preemies on breastmilk do better than preemies on formula and I love the idea of being able to feed them.  However, this means that I need to pump every 3 hours.  This includes through the nights.  It is a noisy reminder, when my alarm blares at 3 am, that the boys are in  the hospital.  I am keeping newborn hours, without any newborns to hold.  This may be one of the toughest things.  But I know it is completely worth it! 

So keep the prayers coming – they are working!!!


2 thoughts on “Day 8

  1. Keep up the pumping. It will be worth it. You are so right that the newborn schedule without the newborn is difficult. For me pumping was one of the only things I could do for Josiah for a long time. That made it worth it. I was being his mama. Time is precious and you figure out a way to squeeze it all in. There may have been a time or two where I could have been caught pumping and driving! I don’t think it’s illegal!

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