A quick video update!!


You know when you haven’t talked to a good friend in a long time but you want to?  You put off picking up the phone to call, afraid it will be awkward – given the time between your last conversation.  Where do you begin the conversation?  Do you give a quick summary of the past few months?  Do you pretend like you have been in contact all along and just pick up in the present?  When you do finally getting around to calling them it  is like you never lost touch.  And you feel silly for not calling sooner.

That is what this blog has turned into for me over the past several months.  It has been so long since I last posted anything (9/22 to be exact) and so much has happened since then the task of catching up was daunting.  Friends and readers keep asking if I am going to keep blogging but I didn’t know where to begin.  So here is my answer to such a problem – a video update!  This should catch you up – so I can get back to regular writing as if I never took a break!  Enjoy and I will be back soon with a real blog post- I promise!

 Click here to watch the video 🙂


6 thoughts on “A quick video update!!

  1. Aunt Cathy

    OMG!! You are so talented!! I love this – all the pictures and the perfect music.
    And wow, it sure is nice to know that other people go thru what I do about not calling people for ages. You nailed it!!

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