Baby # 3…or so we thought!


Without trying (shows what my first Dr. knew all those years ago!) I found out last Spring we were expecting our third baby! Everything was going perfectly, until I started bleeding at 11 weeks. Driving to the emergency ultrasound was like driving to a funeral. Tim and I rode in, holding hands, sending up prayers and too scarred to discuss the implications of my symptoms. Tim, being his normal self, was more optimistic than me and kept me thinking positive. And then it happened – our world did a cart-wheel! The sonographer brought me back into the room alone, to do initial tests and said she would get Tim after she had the logistics out-of-the-way. It was soon after she started she sat staring dumfounded at the monitor. It wasn’t a concerned look, more of a look of shock. She turned to me and said, “I’m going to get your husband, I think he should be here for this. No need to be alarmed.”  I knew from previous experience that if there was an emergency she would have just sent us back to the Dr. to hear the bad news, so I knew sometime else was up. 

The sonographer and Tim walked back into the room as she asked, “So, how many kids do you have now? [we told her] Oh so you’re real busy!”  It was then she said, “Let me show you what I found on your right side,”  We teared up a little as we saw a little beating heart and the moving little fetus on the screen. “And then I scan around just to see if anything else is going on to cause your bleeding and…here is what I found on your left side!”  And there “it” was – another tiny little thing with a heart beat moving around.  That is the moment where the tears and the swear words really started pouring out of us.  We thought Tim was going to pass out – he was swaying and repeating “oh shit” as I lay there crying and echoing his sentiments. 

It was strange – to be equally happy and freaking out at the same time.  Of course we had a million questions, we had seen something like this on an episode of Greys Anatomy, we knew it was rare but never did we think it would happen to us!  BING here we come – time for some Internet research! 

Here is the research we found in a nutshell: (Keep in mind because of the uncertain statistics of women with UD the statistics of women with a baby in each uterus are also uncertain.) And aso keep in mind that now we know I don’t really have UD, so my chances are even smaller…

  • There are about 75 known cases of this happening worldwide
  • The chances of this happening is 1 in 5 million to women with UD (so some say that makes the chances of this happening to a “regular” woman is 50 million)
  • One women in England had one baby in one uterus and TWO BABIES in her left uterus!
  • One women gave birth to one baby in at 25 weeks, then gave birth to the baby from the other uterus at 33 weeks! (This could happen to me – you’ll learn later!)

For more stories and research check out these sites…


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