About our Family


Hello and welcome to our family blog! 

I like to think of our family as the typical family, but in reality there are a few things about us that keep us outside the norm.   Both my husband and I are teachers and we already have two amazing little girls.  Kennedy is 5 and has happily leapt into the world of gymnastics, soccer, Tball and of course,  Kindergarten!  Addison is 2 and a half, and is a growing, joyful, independent little girl who is thriving after being born two months premature.  We will venture into the world outside the norm as my blog continues! Thank for visiting!


4 thoughts on “About our Family

  1. Hi Alison and Tim, congratulations on the birth of your beautiful sons!
    My name is Jacqui Paterson, and I am a features journalist based in London, UK.
    I wondered if you’d told your remarkable story to any UK publications, and, if not, whether you might consider doing so? If you were to agree to a magazine feature, I’d simply require an hour of your time for a telephone interview, and permission to reprint some of your photos.
    I’ve included a link to a recently published story of mine, which appeared in the UK’s respected Guardian newspaper: http://www.guardian.co.uk/lifeandstyle/2011/sep/09/barack-obama-was-my-teacher
    Please let me know your thoughts, or if you have any questions.
    Kindest regards, Jacqui Patesron

  2. Antonella Tortora

    Hello my name is Antonella, I’m in Argentina. I have two uteri and wanted to know if you had any problems during the gestation. I do not speak good English.
    Also, I have only one kidney I would like to know if you got one you also.
    Thank you very much, greetings from Argentina and CONGRATULATIONS

    Hola mi nombre es Antonella, soy argentina. También tengo dos úteros y quería saber si tuviste algún problema durante de la gestacion. No hablo bien ingles.
    Además, tengo un solo riñon me gustaria saber si vos tambien tenes uno.
    Muchas gracias, saludos desde argentina y FELICITACIONES

    • acamp09

      Hello Antonella! I did not have any problems with any of my children during gestation, my pregnancies were pretty easy. Even with the two boys. However I did deliver my second daughter 8 weeks early and the boys 15 weeks early. Both deliveries came without any real signs and I was taking it easy up until that point. I have two kidneys. This was one of the first things the doctors checked me for when I started seeing a high risk OB. Hope this helps – I know how hard it is to find information out there about us!

      • Antonella Tortora

        MUCHAS GRACIAS. La verdad que es difícil encontrar información y además es lindo saber que hay alguien más que le pasa. Me alegra mucho que no hayas tenido problemas y felicitaciones otra vez por tus hermosos hijos.

        THANK YOU so much. It’s so hard to find information and it is nice to know that someone else happens. I’m glad you have not had problems, and congratulations again for your beautiful children.

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