This was not our plan…


If we have come to learn anything over the past couple years it is that making plans and expecting them to turn out the way you want is just plain silly. 

First, in 2009 Addison was born two months early.  Next, in 2010 I was laid off when my district faced low enrollment and budget issues.  Later, in 2010 my mother unexpectedly passed away at the young age of 63.  And now, in 2011 we have two teeney-tiney little boys who will spend the first part of their lives in the NICU (neonatal intensive care unit).  We know better to plan out how we want things to go – we know that the big things in life cannot be planned, we know that God has the plans – our job is to be present in the moment!

So this is the attitude we are going with for the next few months.  We have no plans for these boys, or how we, as a family, will deal with what comes our way.  Instead our plan is NOT to plan!  We have heard from friends who have been in our position, doctors, nurses, strangers on the elevator that the next few months will be really hard.  That there will be major setbacks with babies this young, that there will be days when we will celebrate successes and days that will be overwhelming with issues.  And we will be dealing with all of this times two!  

So we delve into what we have been given cautiously optimistic, knowing that it will be hard and we will face really bad days and really good ones.   We also know that we have faced challenges in the past and we came out okay – we in fact, danced in the rain to get through the storm.  We will do it again.


5 thoughts on “This was not our plan…

  1. This is a really great perspective, Allison. Be present in every moment, in the moments you have with your boys and the far too few moments you will have with your precious girls. You know very well that this will be a roller-coaster of a journey and obviously it was not in your plan. Remember that God is writing a story in your families lives and trust in that, not only for you but for your children. I remember getting so upset about how all this was effecting my girls, but God was writing their story too! Know I will be an avid prayer and follower of your blog. Much love from a mom whose been where you’ve been.

  2. Jen

    What a beautiful post. You are right & I pray that you can remain in this mind set. I saw your post on Abbey Dziedzic’s (sp?) FB page. My husband & I have been through a lot of medical stuff b/c he was diagnosed with a blood cancer last year & it is definitely a roller coaster, but one thing I found is you somehow find the energy to “just do it” b/c that is the only choice! Prayers & best to you, Jen

    • acamp09

      Jen, Isn’t it amazing what things you can handle when you have no other choice. God realy only gives us things he knows we can take – sometimes I just wish he didn’t think so highly of my strength 😉 You and your husband will be in our prayers.

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